Track Name: i BE ON MY SHiT
cub in this bitch
so wake up
my clique we go nuts
us boys we too strange
don't fuck wit dem dumbfuccs
but love when dat dough flow mane
i'm loosing my shit
pussies pumpin their fists
all in the air
you scared
toy alk street
but really wasn't there
yo i don't really care
bout gossip on the streets
all that bull shits irrelevant to me
quit sleepin'
i'm seeking
a way to say what i'm feeling
a way to separate real and fake
feel the hate they try to take
me under when i fuck up
but i come out the jungle untouched
banging my chest like king kong
they ain't touchin' this shit that i be on
get in where you fit in but i just don't know where i belong
i hope and i pray to get through the day
to cope i must toke on this greenery
itching to get on the mic to spit my fire flame words man
minus the birdman wanna beat, better have cheddar
ayo fuck what ya heard man
do i have any last words
rip to this beat
i'm done
alright peace